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Pipe Renewal

No matter what technology is used to manufacture the pipeline, what material it is made of and how carefully it is used, it’s only a matter of time before it wears out. This means that there will always be a demand for pipe renewal.


We do our best to keep you from worrying about pipeline problems and to ensure that you can benefit from the advances of civilization. We provide a high-tech solution to pipe renewals.

Our goal is not only to solve the problem but also to increase the service life of the pipeline.

Curing is a high-tech alternative to traditional repair works.

“Classic” pipe repair or total pipe replacement is an expensive, resource- and time-consuming procedure. We choose more innovative and modern solutions. The curing technology enables us to repair damaged pipe sections using the UV radiation and composites produced from retroreflective polymers.

High technology allows us to optimize our work with water, gas and sewage systems.

Operating process


We work with surgical precision. Therefore, the preliminary diagnostics of the pipe condition is an obligatory step to carry out complex works.

Main works

We are responsible for the quality of all phases of renewal, including facility measurements, equipment selection, engineering calculations and work process control.

Control of the result obtained

Quality control of the performed procedures is only half the battle. The final part of the curing operation is to make sure that we, as perfectionists, get a result that meets all our expectations. That is when we put the facility into operation.

Every step counts

What's the result?

Reduction in expenditure

Curing allows us to optimize the costs through innovative approaches to renewal without compromising the quality of work.


A complete pipe replacement is a waste of time when it is possible to restore a separate section of the pipeline. Curing and work with the light-polymer hose will take no more than 2 days, while the old restoration methods last at least 3 months.

Pipeline upgrade

Curing is more than just pipe renewal as seen from the classic point of view. It brings pipes back to their original state and increases their resistance to corrosion, critical temperature values, as well as chemical and mechanical damages.

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