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Innovative Sanitation

The IST Company was established in 2019 to introduce new technologies to the Ukrainian market. Curing technologies are widely and successfully used in Europe, Asia, the USA and in CIS countries.
All of our employees have been trained and certified in Germany.
Both the Management and the Chief Engineering and Technical Staff have work experience in foreign markets.

Our Services

Pipe Renewal

We do our best to keep you from worrying about pipeline problems and to ensure that you can benefit from the advances of civilization. We provide a high-tech solution to pipe renewals.

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Pipeline Cleaning

Any pipes, whether water pipelines or sewage systems, are inevitably soiled over time by limestone deposits, water and organic sediments. This creates a clog that complicates normal water circulation. Then you can't do without the help of qualified specialists

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Why Choose Us?

High operating speed

We complete all works within 8 to 24 hours.

No disruption to city life

We use the No-Dig underground solutions to conduct all operations, avoiding any damage to the road surface.

Autonomous equipment

Our equipment is fully autonomous, no power connection is required.

Who Are Our Customers?

Local building-utilities administrator offices and Homeowners' associations

Water utilities and state utility companies

Private enterprises


High-quality German equipment and materials.


Works are carried out in any part of Ukraine.



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